Nikonina™ was created by BE ONE, a San Francisco based Design Studio. The collection was created by chief director Toshi Kume and his staff. His love and passion for the ocean and the tropical atmosphere became the inspiration for Nikonina. Our bags are cute with a unique Urban Island feel. Each bag has a Honu mascot, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle that brings happiness and long life.

Nikoninaは、サンフランシスコを拠点とするBe Oneによって設立. ニコニナのチーフデレクターである久米は、ESPRITで数々のデザインを手掛け活躍。後にBe Oneを設立。ニコニナのコレクションは、 海にインスピレーションを受け、その情熱と愛情をトロピカルな雰囲気で表現。キュートな中にもフレンドリーかつ都会的なアイランド感。それぞれのバックには、 長寿と幸運をもたらすというホヌ(ハワイで見られるウミガメ)マスコット付き!

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
Studied Graphic Design in Tokyo, Japan.
Immigrated to the U.S.A to pursue his love of surfing.
Completed successful career as a designer for ESPRIT.
Founded Be One Design in 1987.
His present focus is to merge the “Island Style”
into the Urban setting.

Our contact information:
By email: info@nikonina.com
By fax: +1 (415)-551-2688

San Francisco, CA


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